I weigh 50 lbs less. My posture has dramatically improved. I have no back pain. I stand taller and feel more healthy & confident. It's almost at a year of when my year of transformation started a year ago at Positively Fit for Life. I just wanted to tell you a little about Personal Training with Vicki The list of things I can do now, that I could not do before starting Personal Training could go on & on.... but the most important improvement has been my understanding & knowledge. Vicki answers every single question I ask with a full explanation, without fear that she will lose a client once they reach their goals. As a result, I know proper training is based on science & is not as simple as, "choose what you like each day" as I had previously been instructed at other gyms & personal training. When I started doing HIIT, I honestly didn't like it, it was tough, and it's still tough every time. But I know it's good for me. Vicki provides customized training based on my needs. I am confident knowing I'm not paying for one-size-fits-all training that may or may not help me. Over this past year training with Vicki helped me:

  • Set Goals for myself
  • Accountability
  • Confidence in Myself to even craft my own workouts based on what I've learned
  • Desire to keep going (lifestyle changes)
  • Confidence in myself that just keeps growing.
It hasn't been easy, it's tough, she's tough, but she's also encouraging, supporting, and of course Wonder Woman.

Derek V.

About 4 months ago I went to meet Vicki at Positively Fit. I told her I was tired of being old, fat, and out of shape. I asked her to work on the last 2. So we began the journey. We are a long way from the end but we are making  progress. Vicki is very knowledgeable and has really improved my overall health. I highly recommend Positively Fit!

Tom S.

I have recently become an active member of Positively Fit  Fitness Center. I chose this center over the big name centers because of the people and location. Like most folks who decide to start working out again, I  had the mindset I can do this without instruction. The last thought was to pay a "personal trainer" when I can  get myself fit without personal instruction. I did that for a couple weeks and realized what I wanted was not happening. Vicky and Missy offered ideas that they felt would be beneficial for me. With personal attention and tireless training from Missy, the results have been more than I could have expected. We combined a balanced meal plan and her personal instruction and a vigorous regimen. I am excited to say Missy has helped me drop close to 50 lbs. and three pant sizes. With the guidance from my physician, Missy adjusted our regimen and we overcame a shoulder issue to stay on track. We were able to professionally monitor the rehabilitation of my shoulder and continue on my fitness journey. I cannot thank her enough for her determination to help me become positively fit. The entire staff, Steve and Vicky, the other members men and women young and old always make you feel welcome. Thank you all for your support.

Steve W

My name is Amy and I have had a weight problem my entire life. I went to Positively Fit years ago but was too afraid to speak up on how unhappy I was. This year I decided I am not getting any younger and I need to take this more seriously, so I spoke to Vicki and decided to hire her as my personal trainer.  
She has been very encouraging during our workouts; always giving me the push I need. She reminds me of my successes on the days when I don’t feel like I am doing a good job. She has shown me that I am capable of doing more than I thought I could do, which is awesome. Our workouts are tough but she always makes sure that I am safe by reinforcing the importance of proper form & assisting me when I need it.
She even calls or texts me on days in between our training sessions to offer motivation & to check in with me to see that I am making healthy eating choices. That extra accountability & support feels really good.
I recently was able to get into jeans that haven’t fit for years so I am losing inches!! Yay!! The inches show more than the scale right now which is ok. I am just beginning this journey and will be on it for a while but I am already stronger, I feel better and I am very thankful for Vicki and Positively Fit! 

Amy T.