Free gym membership with training package! valid until 1/31


  •  Led by a professional coach, each class offers a total body workout that includes strength cardio & core exercises! 
  • Beginners welcome!! Modifications are set up at each station to accommodate people of all fitness levels! 
  • Our members love the high energy & the team camaraderie. Come see what it feels like to become part of a community. 
  • Most economical way to enjoy personal training!

Check out our clients hard at work!

 1 on 1 PT and  Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) clients having fun and getting in a great workout! 

  • Our Myzone technology has really created a fun BUZZ in the gym! Everyone seems more engaged in their workouts,  pushing harder, & leaving with a greater sense of accomplishment! The cool Myzone App allows you (& your trainer) to track your effort level & stay connected in any activity outside of PF gym! Compete with friends, yourself.

entrenador personal dixie ayudando a sus nuevos clientes

Si estás buscando perder peso, fortalecerte y tonificarte  ¡Podemos ayudarlo! Llámanos para 3 dias de sesiones gratuitas!

Bring your workouts to a new level with Myzone!

The Myzone technology has created a super fun BUZZ in our gym! Our members are much more engaged in their workouts and everyone is pushing harder! it's the first technology that actually measure intensity and rewards your effort, not fitness level. 

* Next Myzone Challenge Starts Soon!

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